Welcome to Warwickshire Cycle Buddies!

Feel confident on your bike!

We are a free service that connects novice adult cyclists with experienced riders to build confidence cycling around the Warwickshire area.

If you are nervous about cycling on the road or want to find the best local cycle routes then Warwickshire Cycle Buddies is for you!

What is a Cycle Buddy?

Cycle Buddies are volunteers who know your local area well. They will meet you in your neighbourhood, accompany you on gentle bike rides and provide one-to-one support in a relaxed setting.

Get a Cycle Buddy

To be matched with someone who can help you build your confidence riding and show you the local cycle routes, please fill in our online form and we’ll be in touch soon to discuss your situation.

Become a Volunteer Cycle Buddy

If you are an experienced rider and would like to help others become more confident on the road and discover the joys of riding, please fill in our online form and we’ll be in touch soon to discuss being a buddy.

Who are Cycle Buddies?

Cycle Buddies is a joint initiative between Clean Air Warwickshire; Cycleways Kenilworth, Leamington & Warwick; and Action 21. It is funded by Warwickshire County Council’s Green Shoots Community Climate Change Fund 2021.

Our aim is to get more people in Warwickshire cycling. We want people to rediscover the joy of riding and encourage them to swap some of their car journeys for cycle journeys.

How Cycle Buddies Works

Cycle Buddies puts people who want help to cycle more, in touch with buddies from their local area who want to help them. Once we have received your details we will allocate you a local cycle buddy. Your buddy will then contact you and organise to meet up and ride together – helping to build your confidence cycling again and showing you the safest cycle routes for journeys you’d like to take.

What's it like to be a Buddy?

“I’ve wanted to ride my bike more for a long time, as most of my journeys are local, but I’m not very confident riding on the road. I also don’t know the best routes to take and where to park my bike when I get there. I am so excited about Warwickshire Cycle Buddies, and I can’t wait to be paired with someone who can help me build my confidence cycling and show me the safest routes around the area.”